Welcome to the homepage of the South African National Phycology Culture Collection for microalgae. The SANPCC was started in 2016 with the primary aim of providing a permanent site and repository for marine and freshwater microalgae from the Southern African region. The custodian of the SANPCC is the Phycological Society of Southern Africa with the material ultimately belonging to the peoples of Southern Africa.

The aim of the SANPCC project is to

  • document and maintain the rich microalgal biodiversity of the region
  • make the material available for teaching and research purposes
  • promote the discipline of phycology
  • enhance fundamental phycology research
  • promote a sustainable planet through research and teaching

South Africa is a signatory of the Convention on Biological Biodiversity (https://www.cbd.int). Organisms that are unique to the region may not be maintained as part of other national or regional culture collections; however, they may be shared and used for research and teaching purposes.

South African National Phycology Culture Collection